Windshield Camera Calibration

Due to the importance of your vehicle’s advanced safety system, you need a trusted expert with the capability of recalibration to ensure these camera enabled safety systems are operating at their optimal level.

When you make an appointment with The Glassman, you’ll be alerted if the vehicle needs recalibration services after a replacement. Different manufacturers require either a static or dynamic process and for some vehicles, both are required.

Dynamic Recalibration

Requires driving the vehicle at a set speed on well-marked roads to recalibrate the camera system.  Typically takes 30 minutes to one hour.

Static Recalibration

Requires a specific target image mounted on a fixture in front of the vehicle during the recalibration process.  Typically takes 45 minutes to one hour.

Additional time to recalibrate the vehicle is not included in the windshield price.